Sectional Titles
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Survey Services
Sectional Titles
Mediation Services
Geospatial Information
Surveying and specialist services are provided in the development of cluster schemes and Home Owner Associations.

In addition to the normal functions of a sectional title practitioner, consulting services are provided for all matters relating to the implementation of the the Sectional Titles Act, Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act and the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act.
Civil commercial mediation is provided as an alternative dispute resolution option to disputing parties.

Mediation is a voluntary, but formal, process in which an independent mediator assists parties to negotiate a settlement.

Mediation is an alternative to the more formal litigation or arbitration legal procedures for resolving disputes.
Dedicated GIS software, mapping and traditional survey methodologies and techniques are integrated to compile and derive geospatial information from various sources - for
development projects, legal investigations and community services.
& Planning Consent
& Scheme Management
Alternative Dispute Resolution
for GIS, Mapping & other Services
Services include all cadastral, sectional title, engineering and topographical surveys.

Services are not limited to surveying and mapping, but include all aspects associated with land and property development to ensure compliance with the statutory requirements of municipal, provincial and national legislation.

It is much more than survey...

It's more than survey...

Survey and preparation of Mining Right Diagrams, Mining Title Maps, Regulation 2(2) maps & Documentation.
Mining Rights

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Survey Services and Geospatial Information supply for all your Property, Infrastructure and Development needs.

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